Producers talk about Balsamo

With Balsamo, there’s a potential gain of 1 ton or 1 point in proteins or every combination with these two criteria.

Testimony of Jean-Hilaire et David RENAUDAT

Jean-Hilaire MENIEURS RENAUDAT and his Technical Advisor
Jean-Hilaire RENAUDAT and his Technical Advisor

“Today, we manage our nitrogen fertilization on wheat with precision. Based on the last 5 years, our yields goals are 8.5 tons. Our last two years have been particularly good with an average of 8.6 tons in 2014 and 9.2 tons in 2015. We use an intra-plot modulation system with calculation of the reflectance and biomass index to better adjust our nitrogen inputs. Generally, we provide 55 units in the first supply (on February 17) and 100 units in the second (on March 10). We also use a tester on the last leaf-swelling to assess the crop potential at flowering. In 2015, the tester showed us to add at least 70 units for the last supply. But we have chosen a different strategy. We brought 40 units on the soil on April 30 and 20 units on May 15 in foliar with Balsamo. Balsamo, blended with UAN-32, enabled a better assimilation of nitrogen. At the harvest, we got 9.5 tons on average and between 11.2 and 12.1% in proteins where Balsamo was used. Compared to a control plot that we had in place, we got much better results. And these results exceed our goals! This year, we’ll use Balsamo again at the end of the cycle to ensure a good absorption of the last units regardless of the weather.”

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Results of protein levels in RENAUDAT Farm with and without Balsamo

Emmanuel Leroux, farmer in Loir et Cher area (France)

Trial results in Loir et Cher area (France) at Mr Leroux’s farm, Spring 2011, on durum wheat (Miradoux genetic).

Before a new supply added when the durum wheat rises, a N-tester test is done and highlights that 110 units of nitrogen must be added to the plant. This supply is then realized in two different ways on April 18, 2011 :

  • 60 units added with the UAN 32 on the soil
  • 30 units added with the UAN 32 + Balsamo in foliar spraying

A measure of the nitrogen in the leaves with an N-tester is done on May 3, 2011 and gives us the following results :

[us_testimonial]I use Balsamo because the 30 units added are directly assimilated by the plant and not on the ground, avoiding the evaporation noticed with the UAN[/us_testimonial]


UAN supplying + Balsamo has allowed the nitrogen to be valued better and transformed better within the plant. There are barely any units missing after the supply with Balsamo (20u to do in a quality supply) compared to the supply in UAN on the soil, which would necessitate a new important supply (90u). We saved an equivalent of 70 units in this year climate.


Less nitrogen used, more nitrogen in the plant : it’s more efficient, cheaper and less polluting !

Philippe Plaire, farmer in L’Aiguillon sur mer (France)

[us_testimonial author=”” company=””]phillipe-plaireI find this technique interesting ; it allows the use of the UAN present on the farm in foliar application to improve the assimilation and the transformation of the nitrogen in the plant, including in dry conditions. I can use them for the 3rd supply and for a quality supply.[/us_testimonial]

Technical advices :

« Our wheat suffer from a lack of nitrogen when rising, so the spraying of 30 U + Balsamo allows to maintain the nutritive status of the plant and reach the functioning of the nitrogen on the ground. » says the manager of the Cooperative agronomic department.

He adds : « Likewise, if I work with UAN, I can do a quality supply with 20 to 30 U + Balsamo from the last leaf stage until the heading. By improving the efficiency of the nitrogen, this supply is equivalent to 50-60 U brought on the ground. It’s a gain of proteins that can reach 0.5 points. »