Nitrogen booster for wheat

Balsamo allows a better management of nitrogen inputs over the entire production cycle. Nitrogen application is done at the precise moment when the plant needs it most to preserve the yield potential of your crops.

Its active ingredient is unique and allows nitrogen to be better uptaken and better transformed: nitrogen works better inside the plant.

  • Increases the efficiency of nitrogen
  • Improves the crossing of the cuticle
  • Stimulates the nitrogen metabolism of wheat
  • Apply the nitrogen solution in foliar
  • Avoid the risk of burns
  • Increases yields and protein content of wheat

Test results

  • An unique active ingredient: the Glutacetine
  • Glutacetine allows the plant to incorporate nitrogen, in spray solution, in his metabolism for a better efficiency
  • Glutacetine allows Balsamo to positively impact the nitrogen metabolism through two essentials enzymes:
    • The Nitrate Reductase which allows the reduction of Nitrate in Nitrite and after in Ammonium ion
    • The Glutamine Synthetase which allows the transformation of ammoniac in Glutamine
  1. Clean the sprayer (tank and filter) with suitable products. Use the same nozzles as per fungicide applications.
  2. Add in the following order: 50 to 100 liters of water, 4 kilos of Balsamo, 50 to 100 liters of fertilizer (UAN 32), that is to say between 20 and 40 N units.