For natural stubble

  • Stimulates microbial life and especially the microflora of the rhizosphere
  • Activates the development of earthworms and their galleries
  • Allows a good degradation of the Organic Matter
  • Improves soil porosity and it structure

Based on diatomaceous earth

The synergy of the components catalyses and stimulates the life of the soil especially
in soils rich in limestone, magnesium or sodium.

200 g / ha in 100 to 200 liters of water

On crop residues
Just before or during stubble cultivation with superficial tillage
Or just before sowing

On green manures
During the incorporation into the soil
Possibility of applying it with manure

Do not apply during periods of frost or sunshine.

Available in 2.5 kg (12.5 ha) seals

DéchaumActiv stimulates Trichoderma filamentous fungi. These fungi create a physical barrier and boost root development. They promote plant growth and limit pathogenic fungi by producing enzymes.

DechaumActiv contributes to decrease fungal pressure, reducing the number of pathogenic spores on the soil surface. The attacks are therefore much weaker on the following crop, thus reducing stress.

A better nourished soil for a better nourished plant !