From the growing stage until the last leaf, the nitrogen supply on the crops presents two major risks :

  • TOO MUCH nitrogen and the risks that come with it (too much is poured, water consumption, scalding, limited absorption).

  • NOT ENOUGH nitrogen, leading to a gain loss (both in tons and in quality).

The Balsamo product used until the « last leaf » stage allows the plant to be well fertilized at the time its needs are the most important, no matter what the weather is – because a deficiency at that point would trigger yield losses.

At the end of the cycle, the whole tonnage of grains is getting made. Therefore, the later Balsamo is added, the better the nitrogen is valued, in an ideal absorption scenario. But at that time, it’s no longer possible, nor is it reasonable to intervene on the fertilization by soil. Balsamo, brought on at the third application, allows you to value the nitrogen at the end of the cycle without having the inconveniences, all the while preserving the environment.

The weather at the end of the cycle is always a key component.
Only when we get to the harvest are conclusions easy to draw.