Healthier soil. Healthier plants.

Generate® is the proven Microbial Catalyst technology that liberates nutrients for healthier soil and crops. Greater uptake of nutrients like N-P-K, sulfur and zinc increase crop performance and yield. Farm the way you want to farm by applying Generate® foliar and improve your bottom line.

  • Improves plant health and yield
  • Stimulates microbial activity
  • Liberates nutrients
  • Increases nutrient uptake
  • Is highly compatible

Generate® is rapidly absorbed by vegetation and translocates to the root zone.

More active soil microorganisms liberate bound up nutrients.

Crops utilize 5–30% more available nutrients for increased performance and yield.

Generate® does not form a precipitate when mixed with companion products including glyphosate. Our proprietary chemistry ensures that Generate® remains soluble, compatible and effective in the field. Increase your profit in one pass by mixing

Generate® with :

  • Foliar-feed fertilizer
  • Herbicide
  • Fungicide
  • Insecticide
  • Water
User guide :

Apply 1.5 L/ha at the recommended stage on crops (cf label).

Technologies You Can’t Find Anywhere Else. Exclusive technologies make Generate® easy-to-use and effective during foliar application. SoluMin® mineral technology and Microbial Catalyst technology allows Generate® to move freely through foliage and stimulate soil microorganisms for healthier soil and plants.

Our proprietary chemistry makes trace minerals completely soluble and available to plants and microbes.

Our cobalt-based technology stimulates beneficial microorganisms that increase nutrient availability.