Healthier, more profitable wheat

Commenceseed treatment is an easy way to improve wheat health, reduce the effects of stress and boost yield. Add Commenceto other seed treatments or apply directly to wheat seed for greater profits.

  • Liberates nutrients
  • Promotes plant health
  • Provides drought protection
  • Increases yield

Utilize more of your inputs

Commenceliberates micro and macro nutrients by stimulating microbial activity. Seeds meet their genetic potential when required nutrients are readily available immediately after germination. Plant health increases when wheat takes up more available nutrients.


Greater yields and profits

Healthier wheat is better able to withstand stress and produce greater yields. Across a range of trials wheat treated with Commenceconsistently performed better when combined with a standard insecticide and fungicide seed treatment than the seed treatment alone. Seed treated with Commenceaveraged 532 more kg/ha.


Commenceis formulated with two technologies that are only available from Agnition. Microbial Catalyst technology and ProCoatcreate a microenvironment were every seed meets its genetic potential.

ProCoatencapsulation technology is a unique film-forming polysaccharide that adheres the active ingredients in Commenceto seed for maximum benefit. ProCoatmakes Commencea great standalone product and is an extremely compatible technology that improves any seed treatment combined with Commence.

Microbial Catalyst technology is a proven technology that stimulates beneficial soil microbes for healthier crops. Microbial Catalyst technology increases the number and activity of beneficial microorganisms that liberate the nutrients plants require to thrive.

Commence in action : fuller heads – greater yields

“That field always showed a difference in color; the heads were larger and that typically means higher test weight. Commencedefinitely works. When you can pull at least a 10% yield increase, that’s huge, and we had a 10% increase and up. There is a lot of potential with this product.”

Anthony Wichert – Buhler, Kansas