A supply of nitrogen has to be environmentally clean.
For this to happen, the nitrogen balance (exit-entry) has to be to favorable.

At the end of the cycle, or when the weather doesn’t allow it, a supply on the ground is no longer relevant because it presents a very random efficiency (usually around 30 to 50%) and problems in the homogeneity and quality of the supply.

The VIA VEGETALE solution

The glutacetineTM, active component of the Balsamo, developed by the company VIA VEGETALE, allows the integration of pulverized nitrogen in the tissues closest to the grain, in the form of glutamine. Depending on the situations :

  • Direct integration by fast migration of the nitrogen in the grain if the supply is limiting.

  • Storage-integration of the nitrogen close to the grain, then remobilization if the supply is non-limiting.

Therefore, as a consequence of this operation adapted to the three types of situations of nitrogenous nutrition (limiting on one hand, and non-limiting -meaning optimal or excessive- on the other hand), the observation often realized is that more nitrogen is exported than if the dosage on the soil increases.

One must add that this way, sprayed nitrogen doesn’t touch the ground. One spraying on the leaf meets vegetation that has a ground cover coefficient above 1.

Balsamo  booste l’efficience de l’azote et prolonge la nutrition azotée des grains sans accroitre le risque environnemental.

Practical consequence of this excellent efficiency :

With the same number of nitrogen units, improve its efficiency and optimize the parameters of yield and quality.

Long story short, the environmental and the economical aspects meet because only Balsamo allows an excellent valorization of 20 to 40 Nitrogen units. Nitrogen for the plant and the grain and only form  them, well spreaded through the sprayer, safely, without any absorption issues, for a better profitability.